IoT enabled network and one single communication platform make communication and collaboration more efficient, effective and secure.

  • Country: Indonesia
  • Industry: образование
  • Solution: Rainbow, Autonomous Network, Подключаемые решения и устройства

State Islamic University of Antasari Banjarmasin (UIN Antasari) has a total five faculties with more than 20,000 students enrolled. The university was looking to expand its campus and wanted to transform into an Intelligent Campus to meet the demands of students and faculty to create a collaborative and personalized learning environment. The expansion of eight new buildings required full internet coverage in the classroom, public area, and student dormitory.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivered IoT and mobility with its network solutions and created effective collaboration via its communication systems, helping the university transform into an Intelligent Campus.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions enable hybrid education systems for current and future needs. And transform us into smart campus to generate the competitive and qualified graduates

Dr. Ani Cahyadi, M.Pd, Head of Project Implementation Unit, UIN Antasari Banjarmasin


The new hybrid education systems announced by Ministry of Education and Culture in 2020 would offer UIN the ability to transform their institution and unlock a range of digital capabilities for the benefit of students. UIN Antasari realized the need to build an integrated and secure infrastructure to enable the new learning systems to reach students inside and outside the campus. The additional challenge was to centralize the operations management and build IoT capabilities onto the network.

Products & Solutions

Technical Benefits :

  • Automated network configuration and centralized management simplify network operations 
  • Secure network infrastructure for on-boarding IoT 
  • Rainbow delivers secure collaboration, communication and enables mobility amongst staff 
  • Unified policy management assigns different access for users

Financial Benefits :

  • Simplified network management and maintenance reduced operational costs
  • Secure future investment with ability to add unlimited access points for growth 
  • Investment in one combined mobility and collaboration solution 

User Experience Benefits :

  • Rainbow provides staff collaboration and communications anywhere
  • Students benefit from broader digital learning and potential for more available apps and services UIN Antasari can offer 
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