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The enterprise communications market has evolved considerably over time, but most materially over the last 25 years. Where is it going next - and what does it mean for your communications strategy?

Wainhouse Research tracks the enterprise communications market, briefing with hundreds of vendors and service providers each year, gathering industry data, surveying end-users and IT decision makers, and publishing a range of market forecast reports. 

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Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow platform for your CPaaS projects

Connex Web Series - Season 1 Episode 3

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has implemented and operates Rainbow that is the corner stone to integrate digital communications into customer business processes and applications.

Rainbow as a CPaaS already provides the access to hundreds of ready-to-use services such as instant messaging, group chat, voice and video call, conferencing, file storage and much more… And our technology also allows you to leverage your existing on-premise PBX and phones infrastructure through APIs to use both digital and telephony resources.

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