Company branded user experiences create better engagements with your customers

Companies benefit from communicating with staff and customers through personalized experiences. Whether you’re a financial institution that wants its private bankers to be able to engage with premier customers through a corporate-branded mobile app, or a co-working space that wants to provide  its members with a branded communication interface to engage with, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Custom Branded is your solution.

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Rainbow Custom Branded video

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  • An easy-to-use mobile communication application
  • Fully customizable accommodating any corporate branding communication guideline
  • 100 % cloud solution


  • The full set of Rainbow functions already used by millions of users across the world
  • Interoperability with the standard Rainbow client application for UCaaS
  • Ability to personalize the mobile application with any branded communication  requirements
  • Manage user visibility depending on their profile (public/private)
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use web portal for autonomous customization
  • Publication of the mobile client on all major online app stores

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