Customize your mobile communication app to offer your guests easy access to the hotel services they desire

Your hotel guests are increasingly demanding instant access to essential hotel services through the simplest, most available means possible. To accommodate these demands we’ve built an intuitive mobile guest communication application – Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow Guest Connect – that enables hotels to maintain direct contact with customers from anywhere and offer easy access to relevant services.

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  • Easy-to-use mobile guest communication application
  • Fully customizable to accommodate any branding guidelines
  • 100 % cloud solution that’s connected to existing hotel telephony systems


  • A mobile application that’s customized to accommodate hotel branding and service requirements
  • Provide seamless guest-access to hotel information and promotions
  • Connect guests to hotel services through messaging and audio or video calls from within the app
  • Instantly contact guests in any location within the hotel
  • Guests can make external calls using the mobile application
  • Integration with the hotel telephony system
  • Simple web portal for autonomous further customization

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