Rainbow cloud phone system features let you call and collaborate from anywhere, on a desk phone, laptop, and mobile, to keep in touch with your business.

Learn about the features the Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow cloud phone system offers and how it can support your business. Rainbow is a feature-rich mobile and PC friendly business phone system that lets team members connect and engage with customers from anywhere with HD voice, video and group collaboration.

Mobile-friendly communications with customers

  • Use a smartphone, PC or desk phone for business communications from anywhere
  • See who is calling. You can consult your voicemail and call history at any time
  • Several people can be assigned to answer incoming calls, reducing the risk of missing a call
  • Transform all calls into business opportunities. Forward, transfer or conference with relevant experts to get things done efficiently

Quality VoIP phones for a great customer experience

  • Select your business telephones from a comprehensive range of award-winning models with sleek designs
  • Experience HD audio quality for more impactful conversations
  • Manage a high volume of calls with confidence as the phones are easy to use

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Work together easily

  • Use a single app to call, make video calls, and share files
  • Work in groups, in person or remotely by sharing your screen to keep everyone on the same page
  • Host online video meetings with customers or employees with ease


Cloud phone system features

Mobile-friendly communications: Communicate on your device of choice so customers can reach you wherever you are.

Professional and reliable welcome: Greet customers with a smile using our welcome guides, call groups and professional voicemail features.

Easy call management: Enable your team to provide your customers with the answers they require with our shared directory, presence indicators, recording, and call-transfer capabilities.

Quality VoIP phones for a great customer experience: All our phone models offer an awesome audio quality and are easy to use. ALE’s passion for Telephony has a history of more than 100 years. Rainbow will continue that passion for the next 100.

Easily collaborate: Instantly meet online with colleagues or customers using our video and screen sharing capabilities.

See the full list of Rainbow phone system features.

Cloud phone system: How does it work?

Rainbow’s Cloud phone system offers two options to better match your businesses requirements.

Small business communications:

Rainbow Voice


Rainbow connected to

OXO Connect

Everything from the cloud

Applications in the cloud connected to an on-premises communication server

All Rainbow capabilities in monthly or yearly subscriptions

An offer including Rainbow subscriptions and Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect

Simplicity, no on-site server, pay as you grow, includes call-traffic provided by our partners

Many connectivity options: DECT, WLAN handsets, more phone models, local PSTN access, call routing rules, call center agents, hotel features, etc.

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Learn more about OXO Connect


These capabilities and many more hybrid cloud options are available in Rainbow medium and large enterprises.

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