Create the foundation for healthcare continuity in the current health crisis with efficient and secure network and communications solutions.

Engaging with the global community of healthcare professionals and coordinating hospital clinical staff with primary care and other caregivers is essential to containing the spread of any pandemic and safeguarding the population. Mission-critical communications and collaboration technologies will help you to maintain healthcare continuity.

How can we help your caregivers stay connected?

An immediate solution is to deploy plug-and-play platforms that facilitate remote communication, teamwork and video collaboration. By using secure connectivity over your network, your patients and caregivers benefit from tele-expertise, tele-assistance and tele-working. 

Improving operational continuity today is also an essential long-term goal. 


Quickly setup connectivity in a temporary hospital or triage center on your hospital campus, or a remote site

  • Quickly setup an enterprise class network, with wired and wireless LAN connectivity, for a temporary medical facility next to a hospital
  • Securely connect medical devices to a hospital network from a remote site, which has been converted to a medical facility to increase bed capacity
  • Enable network communications for a temporary triage area outside a hospital, which keeps hospital personnel and patients safe from contagious disease
  • Wi-Fi and switch do not need environmentally controlled environment
  • Extend the network easily/securely
  • Redeploy equipment after temporary setup


* Through our Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Business Partners (up to four AP1251’s allowed per bundle)


Communicate from home as if in the office

With an IP Desktop Softphone

  • Perfect for staff receiving a high call volume
  • Offer a fully featured business VoIP phone to use on Windows or Mac OS devices
  • Route office numbers to home or mobile devices to maintain continuity regardless of location
  • Avoid the complexity of switching between work and personal numbers or devices
  • Deploy quickly and easily – just plug-and-play to get started

Create efficient collaboration spaces and organize multidisciplinary conferences

With our cloud-based communication and collaboration platform, Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow*

  • Enable multimedia collaboration between groups or colleagues to coordinate care team stakeholders
  • Provide high-definition video and audio conferencing, seamless instant messaging, instant screen sharing, and secure large file transfers
  • Route all calls to staff office numbers or to their remote devices
  • Avoid physical contact by enabling remotely based doctors to assist caregivers in hospitals, clinics or nursing homes
  • Leverage Rainbow channels to broadcast notifications and medical instructions to the community in real-time
  • Maintain social links via instant messaging
  • Simple deployment on smartphones, computers and tablets.
  • Secure communication with GDPR and ISO-27001 compliance and strict data confidentiality


* Rainbow works standalone or paired with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise telephone systems


Securely access your office tools, information and files from anywhere

  • Securely extend your corporate network to teleworking environments and enable your staff to connect remotely
  • Easily access non-cloud based or proprietary health IT applications
  • Securely extend the network to the home via Wi-Fi VPN technology 
  • Manage home Internet bandwidth and prioritize VoIP calls and work applications
  • Plug-and-play deployment for remote workers after initial configuration
  • Connect multiple office tools, including office fixed phones (PoE port) to handle large volumes of calls
  • Employs cloud-based architecture and management that is vendor agnostic and controller-less


* through our Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Business Partners