Upgraded Ethernet provisioning for carrier-grade networks or DCs: SPB delivers traffic on the shortest path available, enabling virtualization and real-time apps.

SPB: an open standard for success

SPB networking been standardized by both the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), published as 802.1aq and RFC 6329 respectively. ALE actively supports SPB as the standard for network virtualization, so multi-vendor networks can reap the benefits of SPB.

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What are the benefits of Shortest Path Bridging?

  • The network becomes less complex: Save time and effort by dynamically building and maintaining the network topology between nodes.
  • Operations are more efficient: Traffic can load share across all paths and uses all available physical connections to make more bandwidth available.
  • Your network is cloud-ready: Transform data center networks into private clouds quickly and easily.
  • Performance improves: Expect seamless, sub-second network changes by establishing a multi-path fabric for traffic distribution.
  • IT staff save time: Add, remove and relocate virtual machines using software configuration.
  • Reduce potential for human error with automatic configuration that preserves plug-and-play capabilities.

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