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Quickly, simply, and securely provide mobile and IoT connectivity. Now and into the future.

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The new OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi system works, it provides solid coverage for all users and doesn’t require constant attention… it does what it’s supposed to do.
Rob Merryman, Network Manager, Criswell College

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  • OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi in Education
  • OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi in Government
  • OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi in Healthcare
  • OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi in Hospitality
  • OmniAccess Stellar Wi-Fi in Transportation
Blended learning and 1:1 learning programs enable students to learn anywhere, anytime. With a mix of traditional class-based techniques and personalised, digital schooling is opening a new world of education that’s far more tailored to students’ individual requirements.
Reliable, secure, and high-performance Wi-Fi is moving to the top of the agenda for public sector organisations. Government entities must deliver the connectivity and mobility that public servants need, as well as the end-to-end, connected experience that citizens expect.
Superior Wi-Fi performance can help deliver today’s best clinical practices, meet modern expectations, and ultimately improve patient care pathways and outcomes.
Guest Wi-Fi, customers’ mobile apps, and guest streaming services, are leading hospitality tech upgrades. That’s why reliable, secure, and fast Wi-Fi is moving to the top of the agenda for hospitality organisations
Wireless connectivity plays a huge role in boosting the traveler experience. Transportation providers must deliver the connectivity and mobility that their staff need, as well as the end-to-end, connected experience that customers and travelers expect.

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WiFi Solutions

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A hybrid work environment provides the flexibility and security to get your business back to business-as-usual

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OmniAccess WLAN Dependent Access Points

ALE delivers asset tracking capabilities to NTT Pro Cycling

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers asset tracking capabilities to the NTT Pro Cycling team to keep bike items on track and safe

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WiFi Solutions

NTT Pro Cycling leverages ALE Wi-Fi on the team’s cars

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WiFi Solutions

University delivers Wi-Fi in a crisis: A student's view

Students get a semblance of ‘normal’ as CSUSB expands Wi-Fi to student parking areas to help with on-line learning during the ongoing health crisis.

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The OmniAccess Stellar WLAN portfolio offers a full range of access points including the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology.

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