The Scottish Government centralise and secure their network to offer a better experience for their agencies and for their customers.

  • 国家: 英国
  • 行业: 政府
  • 解决方案: 数字化时代网络, 数据中心, 安全, 服务, 恶劣环境

Scotland’s government is responsible for addressing the daily concerns of the 5 million Scottish people and their digital experience is key to solving issues. The Scottish Government transformed its network infrastructure to meet the connectivity needs of their customers and their institutions.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Freedom Communications - a GCI Group Company, Computacenter and Sol Distribution joined forces to develop and secure the Scottish Government network infrastructure for their agencies and their users.

Customer reference Scottish Government video

The robust nature of our network infrastructure has ensured we can confidently support over 40 public services agencies in Scotland. Organisations like Food Standard Scotland, Transport Scotland, Marine Scotland, Forestry Scotland all use our desktop solution underpinned by Alcatel-Lucent technology.

Mark Hagart - Head of Data Centre and Network Services - iTECS - Scottish Government


  • Centralise and align network management as well as security for all entities
  • Create a robust solution ensuring connectivity for harsh environments and mission-critical government services
  • Secure infrastructure and network access for all government agencies
  • Simplify operations, management and support

产品 & 解决方案

Technical Benefits

  • ClearPass Policy Manager simplifies access control and user management
  • Enhanced data security through user network profiling and device-level network access
  • The centralised and simplified management system has improved the IT team efficiency
  • Simplification of information systems sharing and administration

Financial Benefits

  • Centralised and simplified management considerably improved cost control

User experience Benefits

  • Homogeneous, secure, and reliable user services for over 40 government agency users