Communications Platform as-a-Service (or CPaaS) is changing the way companies communicate, develop new services, and interact with end-customers to deliver a true digital engagement.

CPaaS acts as a digital hub, enabling connections between everything you can imagine: People, objects, and applications making these components interact together and understand each other. It’s very relevant for organizations who need to interconnect everything in their business processes, reducing latency and improving decision-making process efficiency.

CPaaS, at the heart of the Digital Transformation

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CPaaS can help your company evolve

  • Improve employees’ efficiency: Adding persistent messaging options with phone, web call, video conferencing and more to their business applications – which can be used online, on smartphone, or on any connected device.
  • Adopt digital engagement with end-customers: From delivery status notifications and customer surveys to chatbot integration, the magic of CPaaS and cloud is that all contextual information about a customer can be synced effortlessly during calls or web interactions, allowing agents or bots to provide a more personal service based on the items in their shopping cart, the webpage they are visiting, or previous support tickets.
  • Benefit from automation by connecting Internet of Things (IoT) to your business: The IoT will keep companies informed about everything – from how customers are using products to when a piece of vital equipment needs replacing.


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