Make better decisions, anticipate issues, and enable new business processes with artificial Intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning.

What is augmented intelligence?

Augmented intelligence uses information gathered from applications to maximize network configurations and simplify troubleshooting. This next level of network intelligence comes from artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and machine learning, to enable better correlation among events on the network, user and device behavior. 


Learn how Digital Age Networking can take your business to the digital era


With proactive analytics networks are smarter and can understand Quality of Experience (QoE) and identify problems when operations degrade below a specified threshold. Network administrators can automatically get notified and act proactively to address potential anomalies.

Proactive analytics can also provide a deeper correlation between factors to provide a clearer understanding of facts, prevent potential problems, and enable differentiated digital business processes.

Keeping the network secure

As the number of connected devices expands exponentially, keeping the network secure is a real challenge. In a Digital Age Network, connected devices that act outside of a “reasonable” threshold are automatically disconnected or quarantined.  This function is automated to ensure the quickest possible response time in the event of a hack. The network administrator can also decide to manage the event directly within the NMS.

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