The urban community Est-Ensemble chooses Alcatel-Lucent Solutions for IP migration of its new remote sites

  • Land: Frankreich
  • Branche: Behörden
  • Lösung: Unternehmenstelefonie

The urban community, Est Ensemble, was founded in 2010. It includes nine cities in Seine-Saint-Denis (Bagnolet, Bobigny, Bondy, Le Pré Saint Gervais, Les Lilas, Montreuil, Noisy le Sec, Pantin and Romainville). Its population includes 400,715 inhabitants and 1,050 agents. 
The community is working on unifying the following areas of interest for all nine cities: waste collection, sanitation, sports, cultural affairs, economic affairs, employment offices and Access Points rights in order to meet the needs of its residents.

Die virtuelle Telefonanlage bietet uns höchste Flexibilität bei vollständiger Kostenkontrolle.

Ludwig Kohnen, Geschäftsführer EWE VERTRIEB und EWE TEL


  • They needed to find a solution that takes particularities of each site into account while ensuring a secure network and unifying the communication between the remote sites.
  • Furthermore, they required centralized administration and management and needed smooth distribution of all costs for the implementation of such a global project.

Produkte & Lösungen



  • Now, the customer has a future-proof solution based on a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  • Which can be supported at later stages by 10 Gb and that will accommodate a secure core network in a Plan of Recovery of Activity (PRA).
  • They have optimized purchasing and operational costs and clear services for all agents.
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