A scalable, full software Fax over IP (FoIP) application, this is a streamlined, economical software solution to the 'fax problem' in IP networks.

For enterprises that are adapting their workforces and realigning their business processes to newly adopted IP environments, the Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Fax Center is the perfect companion for faxing anywhere, anytime. Using 'boardless' FoIP technology provided by XMedius, OpenTouch Fax Center yields a significant return on investment by eliminating costly analog phone lines, hardware, maintenance and supplies.

Integrating seamlessly with Voice over IP (VoIP) technology and the T.38 fax relay capabilities of OmniPCX Enterprise, it can be used alone or as a built-in OpenTouch feature, enriching unified messaging with fax in addition to email and voice messaging.

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Punti di forza

  • Manage large fax volumes with high levels of scalability, reliability and availability
  • Manage document communication, processing and storage
  • Routes sensitive documents directly to designated recipients


  • Software can be installed on Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch Multimedia Services and OpenTouch Business Edition; does not require a dedicated physical server
  • Offers full integration with OpenTouch Multimedia Services and OpenTouch Business Edition unified messaging
  • Supports SIP/T.38; no hardware boards required
  • Supports virtualization and can be installed in an existing virtualization environment
  • Supports VMware high availability
  • Enables transmission and receipt of faxes from:
    • Anywhere through secure web access
    • Any SMTP-based e-mail messaging system (advanced features through user forms are available for Microsoft Outlook messaging software and IBM Lotus Notes mailbox)
    • Any desktop application through a virtual fax printer
    • Any T.37 compatible multifunction printer
  • System can be managed from anywhere through secure web administration
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux software delivery

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