Columbus Capital Lending is a residential mortgage company headquartered in Miami, Florida that offers a wide variety of mortgage products focused on new home purchases and refinancing existing mortgages.

  • 国家: 美国
  • 行业: 金融和保险
  • 解决方案: 商务电话

Columbus Capital Lending is one of the fastest growing mortgage banking operations in the United States with new locations opening throughout the contiguous 48 states. 

Columbus Capital Lending had a preexisting relationship with Icon Networks, the business partner, and knew it could count on the company to be proactive, deliver the right solution as well as the same outstanding customer care it had received in the past.


As usual, Icon Networks knew just what solution would meet our needs perfectly. The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution gives our team the communications tools they need to work efficiently, whether they’re at the office or on the road. It also offers Columbus Capital Lending a great deal of flexibility, an important point for us as we continue to grow and expand.

Kyle Lester, Division Manager, Columbus Capital Lending


  • Columbus Capital Lending created a Strategic Markets Initiative Group in early 2016 and needed to set up field offices in Dallas and Austin, Texas, as well as in Concord, California.
  • The mortgage company was looking for a cloud-based communications solution that would enable its highly mobile team to communicate effectively on the go.
  • It also had to be scalable and simple enough to replicate in small offices across the country.
  • Flexibility is key since the Strategic Markets Initiative Groups plans to expand quickly.

产品 & 解决方案


  • DeskPhones
  • OmniAccess Wireless Access Points
  • OmniSwitch 6450
  • OmniSwitch 6900
  • OmniTouch 8118/8128 WLAN Handset
  • OpenTouch Business Edition


  • Business Telephony
  • Converged Campus Network
  • Mobility

  • 现在所有的分支机构都部署了能自主运行的无线接入点,以及通过同一服务器来进行电话呼叫的集中式VoIP电话系统。
  • 通过两台无线局域网交换机来管理语音和数据流量;将仓库的便携设备(如手持条码扫描器)与系统相联。
  • 容灾模式可以使故障应用继续保持运行状态,有效避免积压事务及通信问题的出现。
  • 通过使用全网VoIP语音通信,显著降低了通信费用,包括长途电话在内。
  • 保证不漏接任何来电,极大降低了客户流失率,有助于实现更多的创收机会。
  • SMC的员工通过使用无线网络,可以在办公室的任意地点进行在线会议、呼叫客户、邀请客户等,提高了工作的灵活性。
  • 借助于强大的电话系统以及清晰的通话质量,SMC为客户提供更好的服务。