Thanks to its new converged network, which supports medical excellence and patient safety across multiple sites, Medcare can offer patients a 5-star experience.

  • 国家: 阿联酋
  • 行业: 医疗卫生
  • 解决方案: 商务电话, Autonomous Network

Business Partner: Telephony Telecommunications & Electronics Tech L.L.C

Medcare is the premium healthcare division of Aster DM Healthcare, a private healthcare conglomerate in the Middle East and India.

阿尔卡特朗讯企业通信解决方案帮助我们打造五星级的患者护理和医疗体验。 通过为医护人员提供便捷的信息获取渠道,从而提高员工的工作效率并帮助我们的团队每次都能做出正确的决策。

Naushad Mohammed,Medcare医院 IT部总经理

Medcare Customer Video


  • Medcare wanted to implement a converged network infrastructure in new and existing sites to give doctors and staff instant access to knowledge, especially in critical areas like operating rooms, to enable the quick and accurate decision-making needed to deliver optimal patient care
  • The required converged data network, wireless LAN and voice communications had to support doctor and staff mobility across 6 sites in the UAE: Medcare Hospital Al Safa, Women & Children Hospital, Medcare Medical Center Marina, Medcare Medical Center Sharjah, and 2 additional clinics which are set to open in Motor city and Falcon city
  • The aim is to converge all Medcare sites in the future

产品 & 解决方案


  • OmniAccess Wireless Access Points
  • OmniAccess Wireless LAN Switch
  • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server
  • OmniSwitch 6450
  • OmniSwitch 6900
  • Premium DeskPhones


  • The robust and highly available network gives doctors 24/7 access to the medical information, including patient test results like MRI scans and x-rays, needed to offer the best patient care.
  • Bandwidth allocation capability allows Medcare to give priority bandwidth to critical areas of hospitals and medical centers, for example operating rooms, making sure information is available to advise potentially life-saving decisions at all times.
  • The converged data and voice network is centrally managed by the network management system, which provides the IT team with real-time insight and greater control over network status and operations, helping significantly reduce outages and bottlenecks.
  • The shared data center has simplified maintenance demands, freeing the IT team to work on strategic projects and reducing operational costs.
  • The improved infrastructure supports Medcare’s status as a leading UAE healthcare provider and reinforces the attractiveness of the facilities.
  • In addition, Medcare benefits from a lifetime guarantee warranty.
  • The enhanced converged network supports patient care and safety by assuring access to patient files and test results from anywhere across the sites.
  • Unified Access allows doctors and staff to keep their access profiles across facilities, enabling mobility while delivering reliable connectivity on the go.
  • Patients benefit from top-of-the-line connectivity and services, making their stay more comfortable.