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Prefeitura de Fortaleza

Modernized network infrastructure is enabling the Prefeitura de Fortaleza to provide better and more efficient service to its citizens.

  • 국가: 브라질
  • 산업: 정부 기관
  • 해결책: Autonomous Network

Business Partner: Lettel

Fortaleza is the state capital of Ceara, located in the Northeastern Region of Brazil. It is the 5th largest city in the country, as well as an important industrial and commercial center. The Prefeitura de Fortaleza - the Municipality of Fortaleza - provides services to over 2.6 million citizens. 

Prefeitura de Fortaleza logo
With the help of ALE, we are making Fortaleza an even better place for our citizens to live and work. Modernizing our infrastructure is one of the pillars of our strategy to make Fortaleza one of the most cutting-edge cities in Brazil.
Alcides Guerra, Corporate Management Coordinator, Prefeitura de Fortaleza

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