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ALE at Wi-Fi NOW International

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will be at Wi-Fi NOW International 2019 as one of the sponsors.

10월 15, 2019
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Rave Mobile Safety working with ALE

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Rave Mobile Safety Launch collaboration will bring life-saving communication technologies to schools and local governments

10월 15, 2019
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Introducing Stellar Wi-Fi 6

New Wi-Fi 6 access points enable Service Defined Networking, Unified Service Management and extended IoT services for a next generation WLAN network with the best user experience.

10월 14, 2019
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레이스에 참여하세요

ALE는 Qhubeka를 위해서 Team Dimension Data와 연결 합니다

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The future is calling

비즈니스 폰은 고객들을 만족시킬 수 있는 핵심 차별요소입니다.

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고객이 모든 것을 연결하는 방법을 발견하십시오.

Blickle and Scherer

Blickle and Scherer needed a cloud-based solution that would support collaboration while maintaining strict safety and data protection standards.

  • 정부기관

Kreativ House

Kreativ House can now offer reliable easy-to-access WiFi to tenants and guests at their existing and future locations.

  • 소매/리테일

Okada Manila Resort

Okada Manila Resort hotel wanted a converged network solution to improve guest experience and handle the devices of up to 20,000 guests at any time.

  • 호스피탈러티

Thomas Holt

Thomas Holt is adopting industry-leading technology to gain a competitive advantage in the aged care market and offer superior quality service to its residents.

  • 헬스케어