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ALE 비디오 감시 네트워크 솔루션은 네트워크 설정의 복잡성을 제거하여 간단하고 자동화된 운영을 지원 합니다.


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Hospitality 2020: A safer environment with improved security

Technology can deliver a safe and secure environment for travelers, guests, and employees and help reinvigorate the hospitality industry.

Blog 1200x299

Campus Safety and Crisis Mgt – Coordination & Collaboration

Whether a primary, secondary, or post-secondary institution, collaborating with professional first responders in a time of crisis is a requirement.



Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Video Surveillance Solution Brochure

ALE's Video Surveillance solution helps reduce IT budget and ensure video quality by decreasing deployment time and maximizing network bandwidth.

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