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고성능의 안전하고 예측 가능한 네트워크 인프라를 자동화 및 관리하여 학생들의 성공 지원

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The Intelligent Campus podcast- The Safety Dance: Creating a safe and secure learning environment on every campus.

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Digital Age Communications

Build it and they (new students) will come

THE foundation for tomorrow’s digital campus

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Something to believe in: Technology and a safe school

Technology can help build a safe school environment with IoT, sensors, connectivity.

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Collaboration Solutions

Students foresee the future of communications

Students foresee the future of communications – and it’s not yet another tool!

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Autonomous Network

5 best practices for guest Wi-Fi access

Pay attention to security, bandwidth and application visibility when rolling out a wireless network upgrade

Why Digital Transformation for Education?

FAQ on Digital Transformation for Education.

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