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Blog 1200x299

Data sovereignty and security reign in the new work world

The new work world is bringing the need for data sovereignty and security to the forefront, as businesses move to the cloud to enable people to work everywhere and anywhere.

Blog 1200x299
비즈니스 연속성

A banking solution with business continuity built-in

Building business continuity into a banking network and communications system means business as usual—even during a global pandemic. 

Blog 1200x299
통합 커뮤니케이션

Has remote working become YOUR new normal?

As the pandemic circled the globe it quickly became evident that organizations needed to react rapidly to enable their teams to begin working remotely.

header image bc campaign

Business continuity during a crisis

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow: Keep your business up and running when in a crisis

애플리케이션 및 모바일 핸드셋 카탈로그

하이브리드 작업 및 일선 직원을 위한 당사의 협업 애플리케이션과 견고한 모바일 핸드셋에 대해 알아 보십시오. 카탈로그 다운로

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