High-end IP deskphones that provide an immersive HD video experience and market-leading telephony features - all at an affordable price.

These sleek and intuitive business phones bring the deskphone experience to life with rich contextual menus and industry-specific applications. Designed for professionals in office environments and for hotel guests in their rooms, our Smart DeskPhones boast vivid 7-inch touchscreens, easy-to-use navigation, plus the highest quality wideband audio and video - for conversations you'll remember.

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8088 Smart DeskPhone

  • Enjoy HD audio and video communications
  • Start peer-to-peer or multi-party video sessions with a tap
  • Extend HD display to external monitors for display in conference rooms


  • Built-in 5 megapixel camera with autofocus (8088 only)
  • HDMI 1.4 connector for screen replication (8088 only)
  • OpenTouch Conversation included (8088 only)
  • Ambient light sensor (8088 only)
  • 7-inch color touchscreen display
  • Bluetooth handset
  • Wideband
  • Third party applicaton support allows industry-specific apps to be added for extra features (hospitality package available)

적용 이점
Simplicity icon 288x252


Award-winning interface and features make video as convenient as a phone call.

Collaboration icon 288x252

Better Communication

HD audio and video enable rich interactions, making a call as efficient as an onsite meeting.

Rocket benefit icon, 282x252

Strong Branding

Elegant, customizable design enhances your brand image in customer-facing areas.

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Available Models

8088 Smart DeskPhone: Outstanding on every front, this sleek and intuitive deskphone has a Bluetooth handset, built-in camera and apps. HD voice and video make it feel like your colleagues are in the room with you.

OmniTouch 8082 My IC Phone: With its easy-to-use menus, apps and HD voice, this deskphone offers powerful features at an affordable price.
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