In business, a telephone call is often the first point of contact. Visual Automated Attendant provides a professional image with a virtual receptionist available 24/7, delivering a quality response to your customers.

Provide your callers a great service experience by starting off with a courteous greeting and routing them directly to employees, departments or voicemail. The programming interface is intuitive with prompts that can be easily customized plus routing rules that instantly adapt to new business needs.

Transform your incoming telephone calls into a sustainable and recurring business relationship. Visual Automated Attendant advanced capabilities offer endless opportunities for a personalized routing and greeting experience for your customers.

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Visual Automated Attendant


  • Automated 24/7 call routing and greeting
  • Personalized call routing and greeting
  • Intuitive programming interface
  • Scalable, multi-tenant and SIP-based solution


  • Simply drag and drop building blocks to create call routing based on business hours and calendars
  • Prompt upload from a web interface and recording from any phone
  • Direct dial and filtering
  • Dashboard and full call report export to spreadsheets.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) option with SQL and HTTP connectors allowing to dynamically adapt routing and qualify caller before transferring the call to an agent.
  • Scalable software offering SIP-based connectivity to communication servers
  • Multi-tenant solution, management delegation
  • Text To Speech and Automatic Speech Recognition

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