Improve call processing dispatcher efficiency in high pressure control centers, and in high call traffic administrations with Dispatch Console

Most of businesses today must handle emergencies, either on a daily basis or in crisis situations. Businesses such as railway and airport industries, energy suppliers, fire stations, police stations, court buildings or standard welcomes now needs to support an increasing number of calls, all of that in a secured and automated way.

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Dispatch Console enables the presentation and selection of calls according to business processes and priority rules based on operators’ decision.

The solution is ideally suited for control centers, as well as environments where call qualification and call selection are needed.

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  • Visual and intuitive interface for operators to route calls, manage queue(s), and set up a conference
  • Manage high volume of calls: Presentation and dispatch, by the operator, with priority rules
  • Web interface accessible from the desktop PC, touchscreen workstation, or desk phone with touchscreen (Alcatel-Lucent 8088 Smart DeskPhone)
  • APIs for integration within a 3rd party control center application (such as SCADA supervision platform)


  • Call supervision by one or multiple operators at the same time. The best suited operator can manage the call according to availability, context and expertise.
  • Multiple routing options to dispatch calls: Transfer, park, put in a queue, or conference
  • Conference (3-party with up to 60 participants) between several stakeholders with call control: Stop microphone, on-hold, suspend conference listening, trader mode
  • Priorization of calls based on type, waiting time (in a queue), emergency rules, geography, job profile
  • Speed dial/dial pad to distribute calls using pre-defined keys, call-by-name, or direct numbering
  • Access to the company LDAP directory
  • Call history to ensure all missed calls are tracked and can be called back
  • Administration module: Manage the operator console display, configuration with templates, statistics generation 
  • High-availability with ALE Dispatch Console server duplication and Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX® Enterprise geo-redundancy

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