Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides complete transparency of cookies used on their websites to promote compliance with privacy and data protection.

Cookies are small computer files that remember what you entered when you visit a website. For example, cookies allow the delivery of advertisements tailored to your preferences and content on social networks.

Websites that use cookies remember information about your visit, such as your country, language and other settings, making your next visit easier. Without cookies, using many websites would be frustrating.

On the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise website, we use cookies to remember contact information that you filled in previously, to count how many likes and shares our pages have had, to provide you with tailored ads and to help you when you talk to our advisors online. We also use them to provide data about the users that visit our site. Please note that none of the cookies enable us to identify you: all the information we receive is anonymous.

Opting Out and Disabling Cookies

We use a cookie management tool to provide a transparent experience regarding cookies and your data privacy. Thanks to this cookie management tool and the cookie categorization, you will understand what types of cookies you are accepting and which you are not. You can change your cookies’ settings through direct access in our footer. Details of each cookie by category are listed below. For more information on how we protect your privacy and other information, please read our privacy policy.

If you already consent and want an opportunity to change your choices, click on this button. 

(or follow this small procedure. How to reset cookies.)

More information about our cookies

Ad technologies

Cookies and other ad technology, such as beacons, pixels, and tags, help us serve relevant ads to you more effectively. They also help us provide aggregated auditing, research, and reporting for advertisers that help us understand and improve our service and knowledge of when content has been shown to you.

Note: Because your web browser may request advertisements and beacons directly from third party ad network servers, these networks can view, edit, or set third-party cookies, just as if you had requested a web page from their site. Ads served by LinkedIn may also set third-party cookies.


Google Analytics: Collects statistical information about how you use the site so that we can improve the site.

Google Analytics (GA) does not collect specific user information itself. We do use Google Tag Manager to install GA, and tracking pixels to support reporting and re-marketing via agencies. Our agencies use Adwords, Doubleclick, Facebook, LinkedIn, and possibly some other tracking pixels for remarketing.

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