Discover how to access our API Hubs (Rainbow, Communications and Networks) and how to download additional technical resources

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communications Hub

Access to APIs available on Communications platforms (OXE, OXO, OT, ...)

  • 디지털 협업

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow Hub

Access to APIs available on Rainbow platform

  • 클라우드 커뮤니케이션

  • Rainbow

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Network Hub

Access to SpaceWalkers web site

  • 네트워크온디맨드


By providing you with the below information, the Program enables Program Participants to develop, certify and deploy their applications/solutions in Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise environments. For example:

  • APIs Hubs, where you’ll find numerous APIs/SDKs and associated documentation.
  • Dedicated Sandbox on demand
  • support via community forums
  • Access to ALE webinars
  • Promote your ALE-powered solutions  on ALE web site
  • Use of ALE logo
  • Be visible in ALE webinars (at ALE's discretion)
  • Selective invitation to attend ALE events.
  • Selective common success stories/use cases
  • On Demand (on-Quote) advanced services such as SLA Technical support, Advanced Sandbox and Training / Coaching from ALE representatives

For more detail, please refer to program guidelines.

Get your latest Program leaflet

This leaflet gives a full overview of the ALE Developer and Solution Partner Program in a pocket size document.

The front page gives an overview of the Program, its benefits, its membership levels, and its positioning within ALE-International ecosystem; it also describes how to download existing APIs and access the relevant web sites.

The back page lists inter operable and certified solutions developed by company members

  • 파트너

  • 설명서

Get your Program Guide

This document gives all details on the program

  • 파트너

  • 설명서

  • 파트너

  • 설명서

Access to specific technical resources

Access to the specific technical resources for Communications and Network 

  • 지원 서비스

  • 설명서