Asset tracking provides smart connection to assets, so you can locate equipment and people in real-time, optimizing operations and reducing costs.

What is Asset Tracking?

Asset tracking identifies the location of equipment or people, in real-time, using tags with GPS, BLE or RFID technology to broadcast their location. And you can track more than just the whereabouts of your assets.  You can learn about equipment usage patterns and locations – even when it’s not in use. 

Asset tracking analytics provide information about how items are used, which departments use them the most, how often they get moved around the premises, how far they travel on a daily basis and even when the asset was last maintained.

This information helps organization optimize asset usage.

These analytics can reduce the cost of replacing, leasing and over purchasing equipment to ensure availability.

Inventory lists can ensure that equipment is properly maintained and usage can be optimized based on the data provided.

Geonotifications can provide alerts such as, when service on a piece of equipment is due, or when an asset is being removed from a building. 

Benefits of a BLE based Asset Tracking Solution

The latest technology in asset tracking is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 

BLE is a near-field technology that provides sub-meter location accuracy without additional/expensive overlay solutions.

A BLE asset tracking solution:

  • Does not interfere with existing Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Improves device battery efficiency vs. a pure Wi-Fi location solution
  • Ensures better ROI based on equipment, deployment and operational costs

OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking Solution

  • OmniVista Cirrus Asset Manager - asset management, search, statistics and analytics
  • OmniAccess Stellar Asset Tracking mobile app for smartphones and tablets
  • OmniAccess Stellar BLE infrastructure
  • OmniAccess Stellar BLE Gateway AP1201BG; OmniAccess Stellar BLE-enabled APs
  • Autocalibration beacons improve tag location accuracy
  • Mobile BLE tags (square or card shape) track asset movement

Asset tracking made easy

An asset tracking solution is only as good as its ability to easily and accurately locate people and assets.

A BLE solution with an intuitive web and smartphone app lets staff locate people and assets on a floor plan map, with a simple auto-text search.

Easy registeration of BLE tags makes life easier for IT.

Maximize value and increase safety of people and assets

The OmniAccess® Stellar Asset Tracking solution helps organizations across industries manage assets and people, in real-time.

Easily locating workplace equipment, people, and archived records reduces the amount of time spent looking for items.

It also increases safety and security as knowing the location of people means assistance can be quickly dispatched.

Asset Tracking in Industries
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