Delight your users and agents by embedding easy-to-use communication services in your existing business applications with the Rainbow app connector.

Provide employees and customers with efficient ways of collaborating by integrating communications into existing business apps and IT service management tools. Employees who rely heavily on these types of applications to contact colleagues and customers can easily leverage Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow to enhance productivity. With click-to-call capabilities, it has never been easier to seamlessly launch outbound calls through ALE phones and softphones.

데이터 시트 참조

  • Completely integrated into the relevant application for easier use
  • Best of both worlds with a sophisticated telephony system built into the trusted business application
  • 100 % cloud based on your existing telephony system


  • Click-to-call capability through current telephony system (for public numbers)
  • Pop-up screen with caller information for all incoming calls
  • Automatic presence indicator to see who’s available
  • Agent contact list based on the Rainbow directory
  • Seamless collaboration with other connected agents through messaging, file sharing, audio and video calls, and group chats

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