Rainbow connectors and apps enhance your business applications and processes by augmenting your customer interactions.

Build or consolidate your customer-centric strategy with ready-to-use Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow connectors and apps. Integrating Rainbow communication functions into your existing apps provides new opportunities to help you better communicate and support your customers. Hotels can offer a unique Mobile Guest app to guests, enterprises are able to personalize the user experience with their own brand and embed communications into exisiting business apps, and event organizers will boost digital engagement amongst their attendees.


Offer easy access to hotel services with Mobile Guest Application

  • Fully customizable mobile application offering hotel branded services
  • Offer guests easy-to-access information on services and promotions
  • Connect guests with hotel staff
  • Contact guests in any location within the hotel
  • Integrate with the hotel telephony system
  • Manage your app autonomously using the simple hotel administrator web portal
  • Leverage analytics to improve your customer centric strategy

Rainbow Guest Connect

Enhance customer engagement by offering a personalized user experience

  • Personalize the mobile application with your own company brand
  • Manage your app autonomously with an intuitive and easy to use web portal
  • Build or consolidate your customer centric-strategy
  • Chat internally or externally with stakeholders using a unified communication solution
  • Explore limitless development possibilities

Rainbow Custom Branded

Connect people during your event and boost digital engagement

  • Innovative capabilities - Explore new networking and communication possibilities that leverage the latest technologies
  • Revenue - Leverage sponsor and exhibitor tools to generate additional revenue
  • Reporting - Easily access KPIs or attendee engagement statistics whenever needed
  • Security - Apply built-in privacy controls
  • App management - Simple web portal lets event administrators manage content and customize apps

Rainbow Smart Event

Connectors for business applications

Provide your employees with an easy to use softphone from directly within their desktop interface. Embed enhanced communication capabilities into your existing business applications.

  • Provide your user/agent with a complete and comfortable to use desktop client integration
  • Benefit from true telephony integration
  • Enjoy effective UC-as-a-Service
  • Adopt a Cloud-based solution

Rainbow Connectors for business apps

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