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O’Brien Winter Partners

Australian law firm delivers outstanding client services in unprecedented times using Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow.

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O’Brien Winter Partners is a general practice law firm with 15 staff members. Based in Newcastle, the firm has both local and global clients in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and United States. The company specializes in a variety of legal areas including family law, commercial law, and criminal law. All staff are located in the same office. Half of them are solicitors who are always on the go, either meeting with clients, or attending court.

It was incredibly beneficial for us to have a solution like Rainbow for communication, collaboration and field calls with our staff and clients. We implemented the solution just in time before the health crisis situation otherwise we would have lost a lot of business. If we can’t access our phones our business continuity is at risk. We were able to provide our team the ability to remote work using Rainbow. In addition, our phone related expenses have decreased by 50%.
Damien O’Brien, Solicitor and Partner, O’Brien Winter Partners

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