Modern WLAN technology from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers mobile connectivity for schools as a further step towards the digitalisation of schools.

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The city of Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia has more than 300,000 inhabitants and 50,000 students, ranking among the twenty largest German cities and the ten largest university cities. 7000 employees work for the municipal authorities in Münster.

The ability to centrally configure and manage the entire network has significantly simplified operations. Permanent WLAN connectivity of the schools is becoming increasingly important, and the central network management enables us to continuously monitor whether all systems are functioning properly and to quickly identify and correct any malfunctions.

Stefan Schoenfelder, Operations Manager at citeq

해결 과제

  • Isolated WLAN solutions at individual schools
  • No existing WLAN at most schools
  • No unified administration or central support

제품& 서비스
적용 이점
  • Unlike the isolated solutions previously installed in some individual schools, the new solution offers a comprehensive, unified WLAN infrastructure with central management across all locations.
  • The OmniVista Network Management System easily supports the 1600 access points needed to connect all the schools and is scalable by at least 1000 additional access points if required. It provides flexibility for future expansion and ensures very high network security for several thousand students.
  • The network management system runs as a high-availability solution on two servers, installed at different citeq computer centers, under optimal conditions for air conditioning and uninterrupted power. Together, these two servers offer maximum reliability.
  • For the first time BYOD (bring your own device) is possible. The new solution offers teachers and students the option to access the WLAN with their own mobile devices in a separate network. Another new feature is the interface to the "TIME for kids" portal, which enhances Internet use in the classroom by making learning content and learning aids available online.
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