Sao Paulo International Airport created a more efficient operations system, and better passenger services, by implementing an IP-based voice infrastructure.

  • 국가: 브라질
  • 산업: 운송
  • 해결책: 비즈니스 전화 통신, 모바일 캠퍼스

Established in 1985 as a state-owned facility, São Paulo International Airport is one of the major airports in Latin America and the largest in Brazil.

Whenever we can work with a good solution provider, like Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, who understands that there are multiple stakeholders in the airport with different requirements for a voice network and that the challenge is to address all their requirements cost-effectively, then it makes it easier to deliver solutions that meet everyone’s needs and make everyone happy. And that is what happened with the development and delivery of this voice network.

Luiz Eduardo Ritzmann, Chief Information Officer, Sao Paulo International Airport - GRU Airport

해결 과제

  • To provide more voice capacity for GRU Airport personnel and other operators
  • To upgrade existing infrastructure to support IP-based voice services
  • To support anytime access to voice service from anywhere in the airport and by mobile employees
  • To improve operations and enable a consistent level of passenger service

제품& 서비스


  • 8 Series IP Touch Phones
  • OmniAccess Wireless Access Points
  • OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server


  • Business Telephony
  • Mobile Campus
적용 이점
  • The complete, integrated network delivered by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise provides full support for GRU Airport’s vision of an all IP-based voice network environment
  • The single voice network solution provides high quality anywhere, anytime access to advanced IP-based voice, messaging, and conference services for any user
  • The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise infrastructure has reduced capital investment requirements by eliminating the need for a remove and replace upgrade and for multiple networks. It has reduced network management costs and is projected to save the airport authority as much as 20 % in maintenance costs per year because there is only one network to manage
  • The solution has provided a robust, reliable network that can easily handle the current volume of users and traffic. It also provides all the required functionality, and can be easily scaled as needs change
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