Care Outlook required a modern-day communications solution that not only reduced monthly call-bills, but also improved communication.

  • 国家: 英国
  • 行业: 医疗卫生
  • 解决方案: 云通信, 统一通信, 中小型企业

Care Outlook is an independent provider of certified home care services across London, Oxford, and the South East. Their team of more than 800 care assistants provide a range of services for adults of all ages and are committed to connecting those in need, with the companionship, professionalism and understanding they deserve. Care Outlook provides specialist care for those with learning difficulties, dementia, acquired brain injuries, and those who require daily home care. Every decision the staff makes is tailored to meet the needs, comfort and understanding of those who rely on their support.  

We are very happy with the service and the quality of the overall system. Whenever we have any issues or need to divert calls, the team are always there and resolve issues promptly.

Nabiha Yeasmin, Registered Manager


  • Communication is essential in the home care industry. To consistently provide the quality level of service that they pride themselves on, Care Outlook required a reliable solution that could facilitate effective communications between staff, caregivers, and patients
  • Downtime is not an option in home care. The challenge was to provide Care Outlook with a robust telephony solution that they could rely on at all times, as well as replace their dated handsets with new, high-audio, comfort handsets ideal for teleworking

产品 & 解决方案


  • Care Outlook was able to install its new telephony solution in a matter of hours because all the phones had been pre-configured by ALE to deliver a true plug-and-play solution.
  • Given the nature of their business, Care Outlook staff needs to be able to be contacted by caregivers and patients outside of office hours. The ALE support team configured the Rainbow UCaaS platform to automatically forward all calls outside of normal business hours to a pre-defined cell phone number.
  • The result, Care Outlook now have a solution that is technologically robust and which ensures they never miss a potentially lifesaving call.


  • The new Care Outlook telephony solution enabled them to considerably reduce their monthly call bills, as minutes are included in the Rainbow UCaaS offer and are pooled across the business.
  • As part of their monthly Rainbow UCaaS subscription they were able to acquire new handsets as an OPEX expense.
  • Care Outlook did not need to make any significant upfront financial investments to transform their communications platform as it is provided ‘as-aservice’.


  • With the Rainbow UCaaS platform and 8008 DeskPhones, the Care Outlook staff benefit from an excellent communications solution, while their caregivers and patients benefit from the consistent level of engagement that Care Outlook provides.