Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP)

Leverage your innovation skills and expertise with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise to develop unique applications that fit business needs through DSPP.

With 100+ Years of experience, more than 830,000 customers and 2,900 re-sellers worldwide, ALE offers you a winning partnership that you can rely on.

A wide variety of organizations and individuals already develop applications, solutions, products and services that complement ALE Cloud, Communication and Network solutions for the Enterprise. Ranging from experienced developers, technology, software and hardware providers, to universities, students and business partners – each one harnesses the powers of ALE’s core technology to develop bespoke applications.

The ALE Developer & Solution Partners Program (DSPP) aims to support a broad ecosystem of developers and partners throughout the application or solution lifecycle, helping you to seamlessly develop unique applications or solutions that harness the technology found in ALE’s various advanced APIs Hubs:

Partnership Types

The program has two types of partnerships:

  • Expert Developer: Systems integrator or Services Companies that have demonstrated deep expertise/skills on ALE APIs and have subsequently managed and delivered successful projects to our Customers
  • Solution Vendor: Companies providing hardware and/or software solutions, Applications or add-ons that are either integrated or enriched with ALE APIs.

There are three levels of memberships levels:

  • Registered Company,
  • Qualified Partner
  • Premium Partner.

 All program participants initially start as Registered Companies and can reach the upper levels during their journey:

DSPP partners levels

In addition to the common benefits or requirements, there is specific information for Communication platforms such as: membership fees or formal certifications.
For more details, please refer to the Program Guide.


DSPP Vs AAPP General Presentation

To present the change with DSPP compared to the previous AAPP

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Get your DSPP Program Guide

This document gives all details on the program

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DSPP presentation for AAPP members

Record of webinar to introduce DSPP for AAPP members

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