ALE Hybrid POL is a mixed architecture that takes advantage of Passive Optical LAN and Ethernet LAN to provide cost savings and better network performance.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Hybrid POL (Passive Optical LAN) solution leverages a single fiber link to deliver enterprise services with high bandwidth and low latency to large density environments. Hybrid POL solution connects the core and the access layers of an ALE Ethernet LAN through a Nokia POL infrastructure, with one or several split levels.

For customers with large premises and demanding networking services, Hybrid POL results in an optimization of the cabling and active equipment infrastructure, while retaining the all Ethernet services for enterprises.

Do you need Hybrid POL? 

ALE HPOL is the ideal solution for enterprises & organizations with large premises.Typically for networks in one or several buildings, over long distances, for medium to high user density, and with advanced networking and Wi-Fi requirements.

Very large airports, extra-large hostels and resorts, extended campuses, sport and entertainment venue or smart cities are among the ideal candidate to deploy this solution.

Recommended Architecture

Architecture 1

Architecture 2

  • Nokia ONT (G-010P-A, G-040P-Q or XS-020X-A)
  • Network management: OmniVista and Nokia 5571 PCC