Caritas Speyer needed to modernize its communications infrastructure in order to be more efficient and to save costs.

  • 国家: 德国
  • 行业: 医疗卫生
  • 解决方案: 数据中心, 统一通信, 移动园区, 中小型企业

The German welfare association “Caritas Association for the Diocese of Speyer” offers advice and support to people seeking help in difficult situations. The association’s institutions previously all used their own communication systems, which were not interconnected. Today, a uniform infrastructure with centralized administration is in place, based on proven communications technology from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. This has resulted in considerable cost savings and highly increased efficiency, while duplicate components in the Caritas data center ensure maximum reliability. COM plan + service GmbH was commissioned to implement the new solution and has migrated more than 50 Caritas Speyer locations. 

We are extremely pleased with the progress and results of our project . In eight years of cooperation, COM plan + service have proven to be consistently competent, flexible and reliable, making a major contribution to the success of our project.

Markus Anstötz, Head of facility management, Caritas association for the diocese of speyer


  • Fragmented communication environment
  • Disparate systems
  • High administration and maintenance burden
  • Lack of comprehensive visibility

产品 & 解决方案
  • Efficiency gains through centralization
  • Cost reduction through standardization
  • High availability through double servers and local back-ups
  • Sustainability through future-proof technology