Rainbow 云视频会议解决方案让会议变得简单便捷。通过安全的视频、聊天、屏幕和文件共享等手段,连接内部和外部联系人。

与用户和合作伙伴进行高质量的深入沟通,高效促进业务的发展。Rainbow 视频会议简单易用:联系人只需使用手机或网页浏览器。视频沟通让线上会议更加高效,屏幕共享功能则可助您更有效地完成各种事务。继续阅读以进一步了解中小企业视频会议的功能和使用方法。



  • 通过电子邮件邀请客户和供应商参会
  • 外部联系人通过他们的智能手机或网页浏览器即可轻松参与连线
  • 客户无需注册账号
  • 无需改变企业防火墙设置



  • 高清音频和视频质量
  • 查看已经加入的与会者或正在发言的与会者,并可同时显示多个视频流
  • 共享屏幕或发送大文件,轻点鼠标即可轻松搞定
  • 通过智能手机或网络浏览器加入或主持会议
  • 需要举办面对面的会议?使用我们的 Rainbow Room 视频设备一键加入会议 



  • Rainbow 视频会议通过互联网实现,可为您省下长途电话费用
  • 客户可使用网页浏览器,进行低成本、高质量的国际通话
  • · 除聊天群组和电话功能以外,Rainbow 还提供视频会议功能。您可以退出此前使用的传统会议服务并停止付费

Instant audio and video conferencing

With time often being of the essence, a quick conference call can help boost productivity and streamline the decision-making process.

With Rainbow, you can make the most of online meetings by pre-scheduling or launching video and audio conferences on-the-fly.

Augment existing huddle rooms

Rainbow transforms your existing meeting rooms by enabling you to deploy sophisticated video conferencing capabilities at an affordable rate.

Simply run the Android application on any Android TV device and connect any existing screen, camera, or microphones you have available. You’re all set. Welcome to your new, true conferencing system.

Streamline existing processes with Rainbow CPaaS

Ever need to quickly launch a video conference with a select group of people? Rainbow CPaaS allows any business process or application to instantly create Bubbles (groups) in response to events or triggers. Once created, all relevant people are automatically invited to the Bubble and are able to chat, share files and launch group audio or video conference calls.

Global availability, local presence

Regardless of where you’re based, we have a point of presence in every major region to ensure that we consistently offer our customers a superior video and audio experience. All you need is broadband internet access. No need to invest in an expensive infrastructure.

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