Remote visual assistance and collaboration reduce non-resolved interventions, optimise operations and customer service

  • Paese: Francia
  • Settore: Settore energetico e servizi pubblici, Settore energetico e servizi pubblici
  • Soluzione: Rainbow, Digital Age Communications, e-services, Soluzioni e dispositivi connessi

The SARP Group is specialised in the fields of sanitation, industrial maintenance and special waste collection for sustainable development.

We noticed that the number of unresolved interventions was divided by 3. This had a huge impact on the field teams and freed up quality time. On the first project where we used the application, we saved 5 to 6 hours of work, a significant gain.
Claire Dechelotte, Head of Innovative and Digital Projects, Technical and Innovations Department, SARP Group

SARP Groupe choose Remote Visual Assistance from ALE

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