Connecting guests and staff for a unique experience. We help you Connect with your guests by delivering technology that drives immersive, real-time engagement.

Travelers want to use their devices no matter where they are, including at your hotel. But just offering Wi-Fi no longer makes your property stand out: it's time to raise your game.

Delivering digital services in a personalized, connected way creates a whole new guest experience. An experience that will get your guests talking - and spreading the word. An experience they can't wait to return to.

A surprising number of travelers prefer to book and purchase hotel guest services via a mobile device instead of face to face.

Cristina Grigoras, Hospitality Marketing Manager, ALE

 ALE hospitality solutions:

  • Connect guests to personalized and memorable experiences
  • Connect your staff to deliver efficient, responsive services
  • Connect your ecosystem to improve revenue, safety and guest engagement

Introducing the Personalized Connected Guest Experience

  • To your guests, it means convenience: access to all amenities and services from their digital devices, your entertainment systems and in-room phones. An instant virtual concierge ready to assist them 24/7, no matter where they are.
  • To hotel staff, it means coordination of 'back of house' services that support operations, connecting staff with other staff or guests, instantly and automatically. Everything connects to a single intelligent network, where all devices are securely and automatically managed.
  • To management, it means agility, transformation and a growth pathway. It's the future of hospitality, and the experiences you create are leading the way.

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Hotels and events boost guest satisfaction with ALE

Hotels and leisure facilities are choosing ALE hospitality solutions to put their guests first

Our fully converged, modular hospitality solution is purpose-built for this industry. We work with you to tailor solutions that deliver guest satisfaction, engagement and loyalty, while creating new revenue opportunities - from upselling your spa treatments to promoting local businesses.

We're making everything connect by delivering networking and communications on your premises, from the cloud, or as a hybrid, combined with unique consumption models that let you align your infrastructure costs with occupancy rates. It's flexibility like you've never seen before.

Here's what hotels tell us they value most about our hospitality solutions

  • A single, converged network: Unify voice, video, data and applications across an intelligent infrastructure to connect everyone, everywhere.
  • Occupancy-based licensing model: OPEX models connect occupancy with cost.
  • Flexible and modular: Adapt services quickly as business needs change.

We help you connect your guests by delivering technology that works, for your hotels, resorts and cruise lines.


With our global reach and local focus, we deliver purpose built networking and communications for hospitality to drive immersive, real-time engagement.

Hospitality news from ALE

ALE amplia la soluzione Mobile Campus

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise amplia la soluzione “Mobile Campus”: Wi-Fi ad alte prestazioni e accesso LAN.

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