With NaaS, you can get the latest network technologies and solutions with maximum agility, scalability and flexibility

In this fast-moving digital world, enterprises need to be agile while being mindful of their bottom line. This drives the need for  flexible and easily scalable network resources and services that will enable them to reach their business objectives and cost optimization goals.

This is why Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise is offering an innovative subscription model for its network solutions. Network as a Service by ALE is a new way for businesses to purchase network infrastructure -- hardware, licenses, applications, management tools and managed services - with agile life-cycle services via subcriptions as opposed to perpetual contracts.

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Network as a Service

Network as a Service (NaaS) is the perfect answer for companies looking for a network infrastructure that can be deployed quickly and scaled instantly according to their business needs.

Available to all types and sizes of businesses, NaaS by ALE is ideal for customers that are deploying or upgrading to new technology, building out greenfield sites or looking to outsource day-to-day network management.

The initial offering brings “Connectivity as a Service” and will later expand to a broader catalogue of “as a service” options built and delivered with our partner distribution network.

  • Connectivity as a Service offers state-of-the art MultiGig LAN switches and Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 access points.
  • Branch as a Service will offer SD-WAN services including Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for multi-site architectures.
  • Business as a Service will provide industry-specific applications as a service, billed based on consumption and business metrics.
Vantaggi per il Cliente

Why a customer should choose Naas by ALE

  • Reduce time-to-benefit with the latest hardware, upgrades and software
  • Maximize agility/scalability: License fees automatically adjusted for maximum simplicity
  • Adapt quickly to business needs: Boost your revenue and productivity
  • All-inclusive support and management let you focus on your core business
  • Benefit from managed services to outsource day-to-day ope­rations and re-focus on core-business activities
  • Configuration, changes, provisioning, monitoring, support, maintenance, are all included with the subscription
  • Easily manage your budget with predictable network infrastructure costs

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