Unified communications connects your office to anywhere, whether remote, onsite or at a client’s thanks to secure, reliable phones and solutions.

Hybrid working is increasing dramatically. Employees work and communicate from wherever they are without being physically in the same place.

With ALE's unified communications all employees, whether they are working from home, on site or remote, work seamlessly together without effort. The workspace evolves to be usable anywhere and is enriched with new tools for remote, collaborative work.

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Simplify hybrid working with unified communications
Simplify the life of your employees with Rainbow . Rainbow unifies various means of communication - telephony, video conferencing, screen sharing and secure messaging - in a single application that can be used anywhere.
Communicate easily with everyone in every business departments

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Ensure perfect continuity of business  between all the company's business departments with Rainbow. This way, information flows rapidly between on-site and remote employees.

Indeed, Rainbow is a hybrid cloud communication  service, that is, it can be connected to the company's communication solution, such as OmniPCX Enterprise and OXO Connect. Employees can use Rainbow to communicate with external contacts and with employees whose jobs require a phone, an industrial mobile handset or a customer relationship application from OmniPCX Enterprise.

Communicate on site or remotely by keeping the same number

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Keep your business phone numbers to be easily reachable on site and remotely.

Employees who use a business phone or rugged wireless handset on site also receive their business calls on the Rainbow application when they are on the road or working remotely. So, hybrid working is easy to implement without impacting your business numbers.

Communicate from your favourite business application

Communicate easily with colleagues and external contacts without leaving your business application. Together your employees find quick solutions to customer inquiries.

You can call from a productivity application - like Microsoft Teams  and Google Workspace. Or call and exchange messages and files from an e-service application  such as Microsoft Dynamics or ServiceNow. Rainbow Unified Communications is also available as a discrete add-on  to these applications.

Communicate anywhere from a private cloud

Communicate anywhere from your private cloud with OpenTouch Multimedia Services, a client-server software hosted in your data centre. This solution is recommended for organizations that cannot use a hybrid cloud service for security reasons.

OpenTouch Multimedia Service includes:

  • Fixed-mobile convergence and web conferencing for OmniPCX Enterprise users
  • OpenTouch Conversation for PC, Mac, Android smartphone and iOS users
  • OpenTouch Session Border Controller, a SIP application firewall that secures the use of OpenTouch Conversation outside the enterprise
Vantaggi per il Cliente

Here’s why customers choose ALE

  • Simplifies hybrid working: Rainbow unifies all communications media - including business communications - into a single application that's easy to use anywhere.
  • Improves organizational performance by ensuring continuity of communications between front-line and back-office employees with function appropriate applications and phones.
  • Adaptable hybrid workspace to fit your business needs at any time: Rainbow is an open technology that integrates effectively into many SaaS services.
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