On premises. Hybrid. Cloud. We deliver communications and infrastructure solutions to help customers, IT engineers, business operations, and executives connect in a digital world.

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver the customized technology experience customers need to make everything connect. We offer on-premises, cloud and hybrid networking and communications solutions for your people, processes and customers.

Our strategy

We provide Digital Age Networking and hybrid cloud communications solutions with flexible business models and services tailored for vertical solutions in Healthcare, Government, Hospitality, Transportation and Education.


Our values

We strive to succeed based on 3 values:

  • Speed and agility: Make informed decisions quickly, take calculated risks, commit to a plan and execute it, focus on great results, make things simple and learn quickly from our mistakes
  • Customer centricity: Make our customers, partners and colleagues our first priority, listen, understand and care about their needs
  • Reliability: Be accountable for our actions and build relationships based on trust


Our History

From 1919 up to present day, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise history has been nurtured by merges, expansion and technology empowerment.

ALE 100 years timeline video

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are part of what defines us as a company. We are committed to help make the world a better place.

Executive Briefing Center

The EBC showcases ALE products, vision and strategy with a warm welcome to customers and partners at our headquarters in France.

Executive team

Our Executive team provide a wealth of knowledge within ALE and the telecommunication industry. Learn about the expertise they bring to our company and business.

Career: Why work at ALE?

ALE offers a friendly workplace where you can broaden your skills and enjoy excellent benefits while delivering technology solutions our customers need.