Contact center e integrazione degli ecosistemi

Evolvi la tua azienda utilizzando applicazioni complete di funzionalità che trasformano le comunicazioni in una vera esperienza di collaborazione.


Contact Center e operatori

4059 Extended Edition Attendant Console Attendant console with an easy-to-use visual interface for personalized customer welcome in medium and large enterprises. Dispatch Console Improve call processing dispatcher efficiency in high pressure control centers, and in high call traffic administrations with Dispatch Console IP Desktop Softphone An easy-to-use business telephony application that brings all the features of a desk phone to your mobile device and desktop. OmniPCX RECORD Suite Monitor, record and evaluate all employee-customer interactions with call recording, screen capture and real-time listening tools. OmniTouch Contact Center A scalable and reliable contact center solution for up to 7,000 agents. OmniTouch 4625 Interactive Voice Response Deliver a superior customer service experience with a powerful IVR system that exceeds customer expectations. OpenTouch Message Center Centralized voicemail services with message access from email applications, internal and external phones across OmniPCX Enterprise networks. Soft Panel Manager Collect, combine and display business data or contact center statistics in real-time for operational monitoring. Visual Automated Attendant In business, a telephone call is often the first point of contact. Visual Automated Attendant provides a professional image with a virtual receptionist available 24/7, delivering a quality response to your customers. ALE Connect Semplifica le operazioni e fornisci ai tuoi clienti una soluzione di contact center omnichannel completa che include e-mail, live chat, social media, telefonate e gestione semplificata.

Integrazione degli ecosistemi

Alarm Notification Enhance real-time situational awareness and personal safety by linking alarm devices together with a single, centralized notification platform. Connettore app Rainbow Incentiva i tuoi utenti e agenti incorporando nelle applicazioni aziendali esistenti servizi di comunicazione di facile utilizzo grazie al connettore app Rainbow. Emergency Notification Server Let ENS handle emergency response, so you can focus on critical decision-making. A powerful emergency comms solution to optimize coordination and ensure safety. Hub IoT Utilizzare l'intelligenza dell'IoT e degli oggetti connessi per intraprendere azioni immediate e coordinate Integrazione di Microsoft Teams Integra le tue applicazioni e i sistemi di telefonia esistenti con Microsoft Teams per un'esperienza senza interruzione di continuità con le soluzioni Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OmniPCX Open Gateway Easily integrate business communications into your applications or processes. Rainbow - Sviluppatori Rainbow offre agli sviluppatori una libreria di connettori per oggetti, processi e applicazioni per personalizzare le interazioni fornendo informazioni rilevanti. Visual Notification Assistant The Alcatel-Lucent Visual Notification Assistant provides a simple and flexible, easy-to install, intuitive notification system. It is an ideal solution for enterprises across all industries. Wireless Intercom The Alcatel-Lucent DECT Intercom wireless indoor call box provides exceptional service to customers when they visit your offices, shops, and warehouses, with instant customer service.