The University of Phayao's new networking solution delivers reliable connectivity to over 20,000 users, including students and faculty.

  • Paese: Tailandia
  • Settore: Istruzione
  • Soluzione: Campus mobile

Business Partner: Lannacom Co., Ltd

The University of Phayao is a government funded university located in Phayao Province in the north of Thailand. It offers 62 Bachelor’s degree programs and 15 Master’s degree program to about 20,000 students. The university employs over 1000 faculty and staff.

Now, both university students and staff can access our IT systems faster than before - anywhere and anytime. This is the greatest benefit we get from the highly performing ALE solutions that we implemented.

Samran Tonpaeg, Ph.D Vice President for Planning and Development

University of Phayao Customer Reference

Le Sfide

  • CSF Inox aveva la necessità di sostituire un vecchio PBX e passare a una soluzione di telefonia IP per ottimizzare le operazioni telefoniche e migliorare i servizi di comunicazione.
  • L'azienda voleva anche consentire comunicazioni più efficienti con un sistema di comunicazione unificato basato sul cloud e integrato con l'infrastruttura esistente. La soluzione doveva essere intuitiva e migliorare la mobilità dei dipendenti.

Prodotti & Soluzioni


  • ALE Intelligent Fabric (iFab) simplifies operations in the University’s network environment. It also recognizes the network protocols and carries out self-configuration such as STP, LAG, OSPF and SPB-M.
  • The solution provides complete interoperability with third-party network components enabling the infrastructure to automatically discover and join the existing network.


  • The network delivers exceptional value within the university’s strict budget.

User Experience:

  • The solution offers reliable connectivity to over 20,000 users, including students and faculty.
  • The security and comfort of the university community is safeguarded thanks to network-dependent IoT devices like CCTV cameras and Smart City.
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