A comprehensive, modular application for multimedia contact center management.

An multimedia contact center solution that handles agent-based and self-service multimedia interactions, OpenTouch Customer Service (CS) helps you simplify the workflow between customers, the contact center and the rest of the organization.

The OpenTouch CS suite enables unified management of all customer-related activities in the front and back office. For maximum business value, the OTCS suite ensures that business rules, monitoring and automation are always consistently applied for voice, digital and social media interactions.


  • Operate an multimedia contact center to build successful relationships with your customers
  • Engage proactively with your customers through voice, digital and social media interactions
  • Simplify your contact center workflows to reduce operational costs


  • Agent and supervisor web desktop
  • Inbound, outbound and blended campaigns with consistent agent scripts
  • Multimedia support: voice, email, web, social media
  • Intelligent routing according to agent skills, customer profile, geography and business rules
  • Predictive dialer for a high productivity and talk times while complying with legislation
  • Visual management interface for supervisors to monitor and manage operations, workforce, and outcomes
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text To Speech (TTS), Natural Language (NL)
  • Deployment modes include full in-house, distributed in-house (clear separation between data center and contact center), mixed in-house/outsourced, off shoring, right shoring and cloud deployments

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