Soluções de Comunicação na Nuvem

As comunicações baseadas na nuvem melhoram a colaboração em toda a empresa e permitem que você opere de maneira flexível, segura e econômica.

A Solução

80% das pessoas entrevistadas pela McKinsey disseram que gostavam de trabalhar em casa e 41% disseram que são mais produtivas.
McKinsey, Repensando o escritório e a vida profissional após a COVID-19

Conheça o Rainbow Office

In a world where everyone can work everywhere, now you can be more connected than ever

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Data sovereignty and security reign in the new work world

The new work world is bringing the need for data sovereignty and security to the forefront, as businesses move to the cloud to enable people to work everywhere and anywhere.


Has remote working become YOUR new normal?

As the pandemic circled the globe it quickly became evident that organizations needed to react rapidly to enable their teams to begin working remotely.


Technology is vital to business revival in hospitality

Business continuity and digital transformation are fundamental to the resurgence of the hospitality industry in this post-health crisis era.


Rediscovering human value in enterprises in times of crisis

The Place of the Human in today’s challenging business situation


Qhubeka 2019-2020: a cause with great results

Global charity Qhubeka shows 2019-2020 results with real impact on children’s lives in Africa.

Discover easy and free ways to collaborate remotely

Learn tips to make remote working more efficient with cloud-based collaboration and communication solutions.

Business continuity during a crisis

Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow: Keep your business up and running when in a crisis


Paris Nice Stage 2

That’s another win for Giacomo Nizzolo who wins Stage 2 of Paris-Nice. Discover how Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise helps the team get technological support


Kuurne Bruxelles Kuurne

Giacomo Nizzolo hits the Kuurne Bruxelle Kuurne podium with a 2nd place supported by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology


Virtual Tour de France

NTT ProCycling Team becomes the first winner of the Virtual Tour de France


3 wins in 24 hours

Max Welscheid, Ryan Gibbons and Ben O’Connor are NTT Pro Cycling Team performers at the moment as they win stages at different races in 24 hours.


Tour Down Under

Giacomo Nizzolo from NTT Pro Cycling wins stage 6 of Tour Down Under to start the season


Vuelta a Espana

Team dimension data for Qhubeka participates to the prestigious Vuelta a Espana with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology


Tour de France

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers and prospects attended stage 4 and 5 of Tour de France to discover the backstage of this amazing race


Team dimension data at the Giro d italia

Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka attends the prestigious Giro d'Italia with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology


Team dimension data at the Tour of California

The Team dimension data professional cycling team participates to the Tour of California


Team dimension data at Tour Romandie Yorkshire

Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka professional cycling team rides at Tour de Romandie and Tour de Yorkshire


Team dimension data at Liege Bastogne Liege

Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka participated to "La doyenne" - the oldest of the five Monuments of the European professional road cycling tour calendar


Team dimension data at Tour of Flanders

Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka in Belgium for one of the five Monuments of cycling; the Tour of Flanders, also known as "De Ronde"


Team dimension data the technical installation

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise puts technology at the service of the Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka professional cycling team!


Team dimension data at the UAE Tour

Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka cycling team takes part in the first edition of the 2019 UAE Tour


Team dimension data - Read Doug Ryder interview

Doug Ryder, Team Dimension Data for Qhuebeka founder and team principal gets an interview at bikenetwork


Learning from Experience

Learnership Programme - the path to the future.


A Digital Transformation is in Your Future

Digital transformation through technology across industries is rapidly improving business activities, processes and capabilities benefiting everyone involved.


Tipsheet: Achieving Success When Transitioning to the Next …

In our blog here, we've been exploring the evolution of enterprise communications and the trends that have influenced change throughout the years.


It’s going to be a hybrid world, and here’s why

One key takeaway from an IDC Enterprise survey in late 2015 on the state of UCandC adoption among businesses was that 54% of enterprises, large and small, said they were preparing to adopt hybrid UCandC by 2017.


Make IT simple

We have reached a complex and transformative stage in digital business.


5 things every business should know about communications

Who has the biggest impact on today's business leaders? Without a doubt, the CIO and his IT teams.

A Oportunidade de Mudança: aproveitar as novas tecnologias de comunicação

As organizações precisavam agir instantaneamente ou arriscar sua sobrevivência.

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