As tecnologias da era digital levam as empresas a um novo patamar digital, com uma rede que fornece os serviços necessários para o crescimento dos negócios.

O que é a Digital Age Networking?

A Digital Age Networking permite que as empresas avancem para a transformação digital e gerem novos resultados de negócios, aproveitando as novas tecnologias da era digital, como a Internet das Coisas (IoT), a nuvem e a Inteligência Artificial (IA).

Digital Age Networking in Enterprises


Saiba como a Digital Age Networking pode levar seus negócios para a era digital

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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise - Digital Age Networking

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The Solution

Digital Age Networking in Industries

The OmniSwitch switches are the part of the brain that makes us work. All our ALE switches are vital in all the connections and delivering services across our network. ALE provides a great piece of equipment. My engineers say they like the simplicity of it and most importantly, the support they get.

Mel Poole, Director of Ocala Fiber Network

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