We help educators connect by delivering the technology that enables secure, reliable collaboration between your faculty and students.

The goal of every educator is to establish a strong connection with students. Engage them, and students are excited to learn; immerse them and they become passionate, active learners.

Opportunities have never been greater to personalize and deliver digital learning experiences.

O engajamento melhora o aprendizado. Portanto, é natural que o uso da mobilidade e do Wi-Fi crie meios melhores de participar.

Greg Kovich, diretor de desenvolvimento de negócios, ALE

ALE education solutions: 

  • Connect students to interactive, engaged learning
  • Connect faculty to create inspirational learning experiences
  • Connect educators to empower the next generation

Networking and communications systems are at the foundation of the connected campus, and ours are purpose-built for education. Our platforms leverage the growing trends of mobility and the Internet of Things to evolve connectivity in the education sector and enable secure, reliable collaboration between your faculty, students and facilities.

The standard is high, and the challenge for education IT leaders is clear: balance cost, access and performance, and above all else, ensure student safety. Engage ALE to deliver the integrated, connected personalized learning environment that your faculty and students need, at your pace.

Education solutions that help students achieve more
Why do schools and universities choose ALE education solutions?
  • Safe Campus: Awareness, response coordination and campus notification, integrating with infrastructure and building control systems to configure and trigger lockdown.
  • Easy integration: Upgrade your network and communications capabilities from legacy infrastructure quickly and easily.
  • Flexible: Deploy at your own pace and maximize budget with innovative OPEX-based deployment models.
  • Secure solutions: Advanced multi-layer network security from edge to core provides comprehensive BYOD and IoT services and protects highly available real-time communications systems for confidentiality.
  • Future-ready: Deliver integrated, connected experiences today while preparing a pathway for tomorrow's learning environments - experiential, the hybrid classroom, flipped and distance learning.

We make everything connect by delivering technology that works, for your school, college or university.

With our global reach and local focus, we deliver purpose-built networking and communications for education environments that enable secure, reliable collaboration between your faculty and students.

Education news from ALE

Morgan State University selects ALE solutions

Morgan State University is delivering a modern digital experience for its student and staff with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise switches, WLAN and VoIP systems.


Universitat de Lleida students learn on ALE switches

The University of Lleida Spain and ALE are working together to teach students more about SDN technology and networking.

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