Cloud platforms enabled businesses during lockdowns

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ottobre 26, 2021

The fact that businesses could maintain activities during lockdown due to cloud platforms demonstrates the importance of future-proofing infrastructure.

Business communications have changed

For almost two years now, the pandemic has deeply impacted business and user habits. Cloud is no longer considered just a trend and is increasingly becoming the go-to communications infrastructure for companies seeking to cater to the new working world. The fact that businesses could maintain their activities during lockdown due to the cloud communication and collaboration platforms they had in place demonstrated the importance of future-proofing infrastructure. This difficult period highlighted the importance of being agile and why mobile solutions are paramount to running smoothly.

Workforces will develop more digitalized work habits

One thing that’s for sure is that working habits will never be the same after the pandemic. People, companies and governments are all in favour of supporting more digitalised work habits.

After several months of lockdown and social restrictions, the majority of people don’t feel like going back to the office daily. They have experienced how homeworking can bring them more balance between their personal and professional lives while also maintaining a consistent level of productivity.

From a business’ perspective, despite having gone through an extremely tough period, they could maintain their activity with the support of digitalised and cloud-native platforms. Therefore, people don’t necessarily need to be on-site to work efficiently together. And companies that had already embarked on their digital transformation journey before the pandemic found themselves with a considerable competitive advantage.

From a government and public policy perspective, we also noticed several governments introducing new laws to support businesses that wanted to make homeworking a new standard.

In several countries, like France, working habits have since evolved, and in several cases, people will not return to working from the office full time. Flexible working, UCaaS solutions and digitalisation will become more and more important in our daily lives.

The key to success is giving all your employees what they need to be productive, irrespective of location.

Building a long-term, post-pandemic business communications strategy

Whether organisations opt to permit or prevent home working as a new standard moving forward, what is certain is that today we have several different ways to communicate.

Organisations must define a clear communications strategy to frame capabilities, or their employees will find their own way to collaborate with colleagues and customers. This causes issues like ‘shadow IT’, which leads to a headache for IT managers. Using multiple apps also means employees will continue losing time switching between solutions. 

Companies also need to offer modern and innovative communication tools to attract and keep new talent, especially millennials and Gen Z.

One easy win is UCaaS solutions. These typically cloud-based platforms are the best way to consolidate all communications channels and to build a consistent strategy around a unique and centralised tool providing message, video and phone, and many more essential functions. In addition to these off-the-shelf capabilities, the open nature of the more advanced platforms such as Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral means integrations with the most popular cloud apps. This type of platform gives employees to access all the useful information they need within a single place.

The key to success is giving all your employees what they need to be productive, irrespective of location. It is essential to support them to cut time spent managing different tools, gain time back and deliver more value.

This blog was co-authored by Claudio Soland, SVP Global Alliances, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Samantha Clayton, Content Specialist for EMEA Marketing, RingCentral.

a man smiling for the camera

Claudio Soland

SVP Global Alliances, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Claudio Soland has held several senior executive roles within Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise over the past 20 years. The last ten years were with different international sales executive responsibilities and worked intensively with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers and business partners. He successfully led ALE Europe South (France, Southern-Europe, MEA and Cala) Regional sales organisation for the last two years.

In 2021 he became the Senior Vice President of the Strategic Partnerships & Business Operations. His responsibility includes furthering ALE’s strong relationship with RingCentral and the global adoption of Rainbow Office powered by RingCentral.

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