The Cunit Council needed to adapt its communication service in order to make it 100% effective to provide government services in time of sanitary crisis.

  • País: Espanha
  • Setor: Governo
  • Soluções: Comunicações na nuvem, Rainbow, Comunicações unificadas

Cunit is a municipality on the Costa Dorada in the province of Tarragona (Catalonia, Spain). Serving a population of over 12,000 residents, the city council strives to use advanced technology to streamline day-to-day activities that serve their community.

At the onset of the 2020 global health crisis, Cunit investigated how technology could help maintain Government services for its citizens and discovered Alcatel Lucent Rainbow™ was the solution

Rainbow is one of the services best valued by our employees. Today we continue to use it in our offices and on the go.

Vanesa Vilaseca, head of new technologies at the Cunit City Council, Catalonia, Spain


Cities have many moving parts on a daily basis. Without a plan to combat a crisis, progress and community services can be delayed. At the onset of the global health crisis, many cities were proactively practicing confinement. The Cunit City Council town hall wanted to ensure continued delivery of services to citizens, even under the threat of the arrival of the global crisis.


City leaders acted quickly to enable employees of the Town Hall to work as efficiently as if they were in their offices. The Cunit City Council determined a Unified Communications platform was ideal for remote working.

As an existing Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communications server user, they worked with ALE and Aplicaciones Eléctricas ENE the integrator, to bring on the Rainbow cloud-based solution. Rainbow's robustness and functionality enables inclusion of enterprise-grade voice with unified communications.

One of the primary reasons Cunit selected ALE was the 24/7 support that Aplicaciones Eléctricas ENE and ALE offer.

Produtos & Soluções

Technical Benefits:

  • Employees access same advanced communications services at home as at City Hall
  • Rainbow extends same numbering and delivers business-quality voice, unified communications, video calls and chat
  • Easy integration of unified communications with OmniPCX Enterprise PBX

Financial Benefits:

  • Immediate access to data via management systems streamline day-to-day activities
  • Scalable for growth and investment
  • Reduces operational costs and maintenance

User Experience Benefits:

  • Rainbow supports city wide plenary sessions and virtual meetings
  • Use of all communication services and fully operational in remote working mode
  • Complete business continuity of citizen service
  • Both Town Hall employees and citizens find the benefit in cutting un-necessary travel for appointments
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