The DIRECCTE for the Nord Pas de Calais region had been using Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions for a number of years.

  • País: França
  • Setor: Governo
  • Soluções: Telefonia corporativa

The Directions Régionales des Entreprise, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l’Emploi (DIRECCTE) are regional bodies created in 2010 to serve as single points of contact and oversight for companies.

These offices report to the Ministries of Labor, Employment, Vocational Training and Social Dialogue.

The DIRECCTE offer access to a wide spectrum of administrative services spanning international trade, tourism, commerce, labor and employment, competition, consumption, business insights, legal metrology and more.

Upgrading their infrastructure with the perfectly compatible Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise systems let the DIRECCTE keep and seamlessly integrate existing equipment such as handsets.

Etit, associated with Resadia – which was awarded the UGAP telephony systems contract along with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, created a tutorial ( to train users on the new system.

This facilitated adoption onsite and supported a smooth transition.

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solution has allowed us to successfully carry out a strategic project to improve customer relations and facilitate communications amongst our 900 agents that are located across 25 sites.

Pascal Fondu, Deputy Head of Regional IT, DIRECCTE Nord Pas de Calais


  • The DIRECCTE for the Nord Pas de Calais region decided to centralize telephony systems across its 25 sites following a 2009 audit.
  • In order to handle the high volume of internal and external call traffic, a reliable and secure solution was required.

Produtos & Soluções


Solution :




  • Centralizing the telephony infrastructure has simplified network management for the system’s administrators while maintaining optimal security thanks to built-in redundancy.
  • The multi-site architecture using VoIP has reduced the number of call entry points from 25 to 7, resulting in better incoming call management.


  • Internal call costs between sites have been eliminated.
  • DIRECCTE achieved five-figure savings thanks to the semi-centralization of incoming primary access lines at the Department level, and the elimination of direct operator incoming lines at the office level (sites with under 30 people).


  • Internal communication, employee collaboration and productivity have improved, in part due to the new centralized directory that enables staff to search by name, department or site.
  • Incoming calls are handled faster and more effectively thanks to the interactive vocal server, delivering more efficient service to users.
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